Monday, April 07, 2014

If we took a holiday

I'm busy packing for a two week fiesta in the tropics where I'm not planning to do much besides read, sleep, drink gin and hand baby over to her adoring grandmother. Maybe I'll play a little Uno as well. So you'll have to excuse me, my three and a half readers, wherever you are, for the paucity of updates. Between buying mozzie repellant, cancelling mail, cleaning the house and buying enough baby food to feed a small island nation, I haven't had a lot of time. So here's The Onion: "Find the Thing You're Most Passionate About, Then Do It On Nights and Weekends for the Rest of Your Life."

1 comment:

Chai said...

Have a good time.

Dont bring the boogie board this time :-)

Anyways, this might put you in the mood. :-)

Cover of happy.

More like, an amazing cover of Happy.