Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Snippets of time

Having a kid gives you a whole new sense of time. I measure out my life in Avent bottles, rice cereal, nappy changes, Mem Fox and naps. And I wait for the next stolen moment - the snippet of time carved out from the day where I can have a coffee, scan the news, check emails, have a shower, watch YouTube, lay my head on the pillow. Nothing surprising there, I know.

Today there's tabloid media outrage over Kate and William spending a week on holiday without the kid. The Daily Mail manages to hang a whole article about the "public backlash" / "storm of protest" on its unassailable online sources "Frogwatcher42" and "louloutheshames". Who says journalism is a dying art? Thank God the Daily Mail's thinking of Prince George and his welfare in a country where one in six kids live in poverty.

I wouldn't turn my nose up at a week in the Maldives but for now I'll make the most of baby's afternoon nap by lying in bed and checking out Obama on Between Two Ferns.

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