Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Outrage over Vogue cover

AP - It's the bible of high fashion, but could its glory days be over?

     Anna Wintour has a major backlash on her hands after the US Vogue editor put a crumpled paper bag on the cover of this month's edition.

    The decision has taken Twitter by storm, with outraged fashionistas vowing to cancel their subscriptions.

   "What's this crumpled paper bag ever done to deserve the cover of Vogue?" @birkinbag tweeted. "She's just a piece of trash. #shamewintourshame".

    Wintour has denied succumbing to vigorous lobbying by the crumpled paper bag to put her on the cover.

     "This decision was mine and mine alone. The crumpled paper bag is a cultural phenomenon who stands at the apex of fame and aspiration in the 21st century. Vogue has always sought to reflect the times in which it lived. Love her or loathe her, you cannot ignore the crumpled paper bag or her place in the firmament of pop culture icons."

     The crumpled paper bag has not spoken publicly, but earlier tweeted "OMG VOGUE COVER. Dreamz come true!!!!! #sohotrightnow".

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