Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Just like starting over

So it's seven years since this blog was last active and I've just taken a deep breath and deleted the archives. Looking back at the posts is kind of like reading your 12 year old journal - you're half-proud, half-embarrassed, but really it represents another lifetime. And I want to start writing again. I'm halfway through maternity leave (thanks to the arrival of a baby girl; six months old, part-ingenue, part-tyrant) and I'm starting to feel my brain turn to mush. I know I'm writing for an audience of one (and anyone unlikely enough to still have this blog in their near-decade old RSS feed) and that's fine by me. I just want the discipline of writing every day and giving myself half an hour away from the daily rituals of feed/play/sleep/collapse. Let's see how it goes.


Chai said...

Shouldnt have deleted it.

And congrats on the kid.
I suspect it will be the greatest affair you'll ever have :-)

Jo said...

A reader! Hello Chai! It's like finding a long-lost friend in an underground tunnel or something. Glad you're still there.

I felt the mass delete was a cathartic move but maybe you're right. I still have all the posts in draft form so may go through and restore some of my favourites.

The kid is a joy, even though I'd kill for four hours sleep in a row.