Friday, March 14, 2014


This I love:

The Onion: Horrible Couple Really Wants Wedding To Reflect Their Personalities

Truth be told I love a good wedding, despite having zero inclination to have one of my own. I've seen every variation, from the bush doof (BYO tent, beard and dreadlocked toddler) to the Lebanese extravaganza (three hundred guests, most unknown to the bride and groom; copious amounts of spirits plonked on every table) to the bogan traditionalle (peach tulle bridesmaids, leery best man, bride caked in spray tan, bridal waltz to Coldplay). As long as there's cake, the chicken dance and a few cute waiters used to drunken flirtation / borderline harassment, I'm a happy guest.


Chai said...

Hey! I like Coldplay.

Well, some of their stuff, anyways.

OK.. mainly Rush of Blood and the odd one here and there.

Jo said...

I know, it's a cheap crack. Fix You is rather lovely too.