Monday, March 17, 2014

Ethics shmethics

Would you customise your first-born child?

From Gizmodo: "Where exactly is the line between prenatal treatments and eugenic experiments? ... What's to stop us from adding more and more donors until we're simply picking the most desired traits at will and not so much making new life but literally constructing it?"

As I lie here listening to my first-born fight her afternoon nap, I'm thinking maybe this whole eugenics business has just got a bad rap. Imagine PerfectChild3000, complete with:

- ability to sleep 12 hours uninterrupted through the night, with long day-naps thrown in for good measure;

- self-cleaning bum;

- pre-programmed vocabulary of "Looking sharp, Mum" "More broccoli? Can I get a hell yeah?" and "no no, you lie back and read your novel, I'm just going to sit here quietly and work on my Euclidean Geometry."

Just saying.


Chai said...

You might enjoy this.

I am guessing your clone is little still.

I have a 2.5 y.o and I am quite enjoying our conversations/interactions.

It is quite a delight.

Funny how I really look forward to it and then when it is happening,
and while it's good fun and all, and then when I've had enough, there is no option to stop.


Jo said...

Ha! I do like. Will keep an eye on that.

The kid is, of course, delightful. The best thing about babies is once you think they've started to plateau they pull out something new (smiling, sitting up, grabbing your cheeks and sucking them for dear life) to delight you.

But the sleep. My god, the sleep.

Chai said...

I remember reading somewhere that sleep deprivation is one of the key elements when attempting to brainwash someone.

You know, in cults and stuff, the army, torture etc....

I suspect they left out parenting in the list.

And regd the delightfulness in dealing with "them", it's a survival mechanism, cos if they werent so cute, you wouldnt want to keep them.

Chai said...

Oh, another bit of wisdom from someone who knows these sort of things.

Enjoy each phase cos at this stage of their lives, it only last a few months, and once it's gone, it's gone forever and if you ever want to experience that stage in a kid again, you'd have to have ANOTHER one!!!!

Scary I know, but true.

Chai said...

Oops, forgot to put a smiley after
"Oh, another bit of wisdom from someone who knows these sort of things."

Jo said...

Their cuteness is a distinct evolutionary advantage!